How To Get Free Gems In Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a popular Android and iOS mobile video game. It is an interactive game where you can play with many characters. The aim of the game is to collect as many points for the team as you can.

There are many modes available in this game. You can play this game in modes like bounty, heist, smash & grab. There is also a brawl mode which allows you to choose the most popular game characters.  

Various currencies available in the game through which you can play the game. Out of all currencies, gems are the most important currency. The gems can be used to purchase various brawler characters from the game shop. Different brawlers are used to fighting opponents in different modes of the game. 

You can only purchase gems through the game shop. For purchasing gems, you need to pay a certain amount of money through your debit/credit card. Brawlers can only be purchased through gems. There are several packs of gems available which you can purchase from the shop. 

But, since the popularity of the game increased, there have been several workarounds. There are ways in which you can avail some free gems for this game.

Ways in Which You Can Get Free Gems in Brawl Stars

Use A Private Server

Downloading the game through a private server can get you free gems. The developers of the game follow an extremely strict policy against cheating and using hacks. If you are found using any of the illegal methods, you can get banned from the game. It means you will never be able to access the game again. 

Using a private server or a VPN will benefit you in this situation. The VPN will hide your original IP address and create a firewall one. using that, you can use the cheat codes available on the Internet. using them will ensure that you get free gems. And you cannot ever get banned from the game for using unfair methods.

Using a private server is useful when you want to cheat on the game. These will prove instrumental in the process of doing so. 

Use Cheat Codes & Links

As we discussed in the first point, you can make the use of these in the game. These cheat codes and links often provide you with free gems. These links and codes create a protective wall for you when you enter the game so that you can make purchases freely. The game will not be able to know about the cheating with these.

But you have to be mindful of the fact that using these with normal servers is illegal. Using that will result in a lifetime ban from the game. Therefore, it is necessary to use these while switching to a private server. 

These cheat codes provide you with other benefits too. You can also get other currencies such as elixir, brawler boxes. These will further ensure that you have the best players on your side. You can easily win the game with these in your hand. 


Brawl Stars is gaining popularity because of the unique features it has. You can play the game with a global audience and win many exciting incentives. Using the above tricks, you can further enhance the gameplay. It will enable you to improve your score and be in the winning team always. You can challenge your friends and play in teams. This game ensures lots of fun and action. 

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